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ANDY JONES is running for Director in District A

Fiscal Conservative

watching out for every tax payer

“I want to take our students to new heights! I am running to strengthen the two most important educational relationships: the ones between the student and teacher and the parents and the school. We need the best teachers and staff to fulfill that vision with the highest levels of support and compensation. We also want the parents to feel like the school honors their choices, values and expectations.”


Prioritizing Safety and Security in Douglas County Schools

  • Develop a Safety Profile for Every School in the District.
  • Identify Gaps in Addressing Mental Wellness and Address Gaps by Engaging Parents, Teachers, & Staff.
  • Safe to Tell must be safe to tell and the school culture should support this.

I have the experience from 30 years in the military and 23 years in the airlines, honed with knowledge and strategic planning abilities that will turn the districts words into action.


 Respecting, Encouraging, and Developing our Teachers and District Staff


  • Total compensation that honors and respects the employee’s professional contribution to our students.
  • Employee Council will be a shining example of true, authentic management-staff relations.
  • Evaluate authentically, provide professional growth opportunities.

From top to bottom, the value of “Every Employee, Every Day” will ensure that Douglas County schools are the desired and final destination for every employee.

Engaging Parents in the Education of their Children and the Culture of our Schools

  • Truly engaged parents supporting the child’s educational day.
  • Proven and direct correlation between parent involvement in the child’s education and successful outcomes.
  • Creating a culture of support and volunteerism.

Imagine stealing back moments of your child’s life that you gave up way too early.  Let’s tap into that desire and make a difference.

Contributions and Correspondence through the mail can be sent to:
Andy Jones for School Board
9457 S. University Blvd Box 249
Highlands Ranch, CO  80126



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